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AS286 / KPN International / KPN Eurorings


Fading away ...

AS286/KPN International was taken over by AS3257/GTT in December 2019. AS286 will be integrated into / migrated to 3257 and fade away. Therefore some of the information found on these pages might be outdated / obsolete.

Community list

A list and explanation of AS286's used communities can be found here (AS286-communities.html). For details on KPN's regional / selective blackhole support see AS286-erBH.html

Routing policy (what we accept / announce via BGP)

A general outline of AS286's routing policy can be found here (AS286-routing-policy.html).
A talk about BGP filtering AS286 gave on the NID 2019 can be found here Yet Another talk about BGP filtering (PDF). Score page .docx|.pdf

Filtering policy (packets we may drop)

AS286's filtering policy can be found here (AS286-filtering-policy.html).

Peering policy (whom we peer with)

AS286's peering policy can be found here (AS286-peering-policy.html).

Other useful links and notes