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AS286 Routing Policy



This document only applies to the KPN worldwide IP backbone AS286.

The hereby described routing policy may be adjusted, altered and updated any time. Even our processes cover updates to documentation, there's no guarantee, that it's always up-to-date. In case of doubt, transit customers should contact our NOC and peers should contact as286-peering@kpn.com.

A list of communities used by AS286 and their meaning can be found here AS286-communities.html.

AS286's AS-set is AS-KPN (RIPE). A current list of prefixes of the expanded AS-set (via RADb) can be found here:

Routing policy (transit (IPT) customers)

Routing policy (peering partners)

[1] If the IX announces a less specific prefix including the IX LAN, than pMTUd with uRPF should work (if needed at all) for paths through the IX; but most IX do not announce the LAN space at all - so there's a potential risk of things going wrong; if IX start to announce the IX LAN, KPN may (will, must, should) consider re-announcing IX's own announcement (rather than suppressing re-announcement of internal/own -redistributed into iBGP- interface route ...)